Explainer Animation

Marketing your business or promoting your products in 4 simple steps. 1.Draw 2. Effect setup  3.Preview 4.  Send to Canvas

Clever Canvas Demonstration

In addition to stickers, fonts and images Clever Canvas allows you to share photos and videos of your products straight to your signs and displays. Simply take a photo or video of your product then add it to your sign via the app on your smartphone.


Images, clip art and fonts included in the app will make your signs look like they have been created by a professional artist. Industry specific galleries make it easy to create signs that are perfect for your business, whether you are running a coffee shop or a bank. IThis is the perfect way for any business to connect their products with customers in a visual digital world.After you are settled, you will be given some tea with herbs in it that will help your reflecting process.

Clever Canvas Demo

When you are finished creating the sign on your phone display the sign on the Clever Canvas display, or an existing smart canvas or television.