Innovation Retail Advertising Solution 

I can’t draw beautiful advertisements, what should I do?

In client apps we prepared a lot of templates and beautiful fonts for you to choose. Also you can download additional materials from cloud store.  

If I draw some content for chain of my business places, how can I share it for all Clever Canvas panels?

Client’s app allows you to save your contents in cloud storage and share for your colleagues in different places.

Clever canvas promo Pivana

Clever canvas Wooden frame will compliment your style and add some interactive marks in your exterior or interior. You can place new offers, prices and bestsellers goods on it on order to attract new clients and show new good deals to your regular clients.          

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 5.11.57 PM

Private Cloud for franchise

Provide the Private Cloud serivce that can
distrbute marketing contents in real time through the branch manager’s smart phone at headquarter.

App Mockup

Professional designer is there for you

Various expert templates are provided in
each industry and you can ask the professional desinger for production directly through the smart phone.

iPhone 6 App Screen PSD Mockup

Easy to make eye-catching message

A gallery of images sorted by industry is there to help you get started creating signs for your business and professional designers are available to help create a memorable brand. Download the app and start creating signs for your business today.


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Easy-to-use design tool

Our Drawing APP provide simple and
intuitive UI/UX, various backgrounds,fonts, brush, clip art, and templates. Anyone can make great contents easily like professional.